Because every voice deserves to be heard. 
Government Relations and Lobbying is an essential facet of democracy. 

Although we can have strong debate about rather that should be the case or not, for now, it is factual. 

Every group regardless of financial circumstance deserves to be able to have their voices heard. 

If you give our team a budget and an objective, we will find a way to navigate local, state, national, or international governing bodies to be sure you are represented in some way. 

With over a decade of political experience, we have a lot of fight left in us, a burning passion, and a desire to do good. 
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If you give us an objective and a budget we will tailor a proposal to meet your needs no matter your budget so long as we believe in your cause. 

The nation is waiting for a change

The institutionalizing of partisan political classes has created a diverse climate in which pragmatism has been stifled across the aisles in every facet of government. It has become "us versus them" rather than "we the people". 

We know how important it is to build coalitions and teams, to be a team player, and to be honest and transparent in our approach. We know how to deliver candidates that deserve the positions they seek, and we know how to get them to those positions. We have friends in every level of government, and we know how to achieve the means to the end for our clients.

All contracts have a performance clause because we know better than anyone that in government you should exceed expectations or move out of the way for someone that will. 

Effective Money Management

Team Management

When people donate to your campaign, they expect you to use the funds responsibly. Responsible handling of campaign funds shows you will be an effective leader with fiscally responsible office practices. 
Rather its a grassroots campaign that needs a field work coach, a lobbying day for your group on the hill, or a mass email that needs sent out. We will take your team to a whole new standard with our trainings and preparations. 

One stop solution to all

We're pretty liberal.

We manage political campaigns, design websites, manage social media,  host fundraisers, write letters, send mass mailers, strategize, create infastructure, design the logos, print the literature, do the polling, manage the PR and media, and lobby on behalf of clients every day. With us, there's no need to hire any other firms or to have multiple people doing multiple jobs. 
We have a union print shop that has the lowest-cost full color printing in the nation. Our high quality printing service sources our papers from responsibly managed forests that plant 3 trees for every 1 that is harvested. Many of our stocks contain recycled content.  We also order in bulk so that fewer deliveries need to be made to our locations each year, and ship from multiple locations to save money and carbon emissions. 
We win!
We support good, hard working Americans.
"In 2012 when I was a candidate for Supreme Court of Ohio we hired Blue Revolt Consulting and they were excellent I called them with what I wanted and within a few hours we had a literature piece I loved,.

We used their print partner as our printer, and within days we had taken Brandon Kovach's beautiful art and printed 50,000 pieces. Combined with our social media campaign it was the only campaign literature we owned and it worked. Victory in 2012 was ours, Justice William Michael O'Neill"

We've been very successful at creating partnerships all over the nation to provide campaign and business materials to our clients. Their is literally nothing you can need that we cannot get done at the best prices, guaranteed. 

But here's the exciting part: It's all union. 

Every time you order from us, someone is getting a fair wage, job security, healthcare,  the ability to collectively bargain for their rights, and believes in the priorites that we all share for a brighter America. We believe that the middle class is the backbone of this nation; that a rising tide lifts all ships, and that we will all benefit together. 

We're rather notorious

We've done news interviews, televised policy debates, political blog entries, campaign spokesman roles, and managed or assisted in many capacities for over a decade.